Clock Restoration

We restore electric and windup clocks from the 1920s to the 1980s to original condition. We also offer a quartz movement conversion. A quartz conversion does not change the appearance of the clock and it installs and connects the same as the original did in the case of an original electric.

Quartz vs. Original

Customers often ask if they should convert their clocks to quartz movement. This depends on the goal.

If the car is a driving car not intended for shows then we recommend quartz conversion as this will provide better accuracy and reliability.

If a customer is showing their car in a scoring competition such as NCRS then they should probably have the clock restored to its original stock condition.

If the original clock is electric we recommend adding a 2 amp fast-blo in line fuse in the power feed line. In most cars the clocks power feed wiring is usually fused with other items. In these cases the fuse is far too large to blow if the clock fails or if the car battery were to discharge in storage which can also cause the clock to fail.