Radio Restoration

We restore all makes of classic car radios from the 1930’s to the mid 1970’s. The types of radios we restore are AM, FM, AM/FM and AM/FM Stereo including signal seeking radios such as Wonderbar and Town & Country. In addition we restore 8 track tape players, radio/8 track combo units, FM multiplex adapters and reverb units. When doing a restoration our primary goal is to keep the radio as original as possible.

A standard restoration includes electrical, mechanical and cosmetics.

Electrical Restoration

Electrical restoration includes replacing paper & electrolytic capacitors and out of tolerance resistors. Controls and switches are cleaned. Tubes are tested and replaced as needed, dial lamps are replaced and RF & IF tuned stages are re-aligned as needed. All radios are given a full 8 hour bench test.

Mechanical Restoration

Mechanical restoration includes clean out and replacement of old lubricants in the tuner drive and push button mechanism. The tuner clutch is repaired and adjusted as needed as are signal seeking mechanisms such as the Wonderbar and the Town & Country.

Cosmetic Restoration

Cosmetic restoration includes the bezel, pushbuttons, lens & dial scale and re-painting the dial pointer among other things. To keep the cost down cosmetic restoration is usually limited to what shows when installed in the car. For those that wish to go a step further housings and covers can be painted or re-plated.

We can also reconfigure your 6V radio to operate on 12V to accommodate cars that have been converted.

We also offer an auxiliary audio input adapter. This adapter bypasses the inherent bandwidth bottlenecks present in AM radios and yields the full fidelity the radios audio stage can deliver. With this adapter you can connect any portable electronics device with a headphone jack and play it through your original radio. In addition, unlike a conversion, your radio remains original.

The late 70’s was the dawn of the age of digital and disposable electronics therefore we are not be able to restore any digital radios nor do we do conversions.