Speedometer Resoration

We rebuild and restore speedometers made from 1920’s to the early 1980s. We completely disassemble the head units and clean the parts, replacing worn parts as needed. After re-assembling the speedometer head we thoroughly bench test the unit to ensure proper performance and accuracy.

The odometer and trip odometer (if applicable) is also rebuilt. Whenever possible we replace plastic odometer worm drive gears with ones made of steel as the plastic counterparts cannot withstand the torque required to drive the odometer star gears under all conditions. In addition to rebuilding the odometer we can re-wheel it if needed.

Often times it is desirable to do a repair only with no cosmetic restoration so the rebuilt speedometer still matches the tachometer and other gauges. We can do a mechanical only rebuild or a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration.

At this time we do not repair or restore any electronic or digital speedometers.